Our rooms

Conference hall

Necessary information

1. Our guests get served food from 7AM to 10PM at the cafe (restaurant), which is located on the first floor.
2. Smoking is allowed in specific locations, which are marked accordingly.
3. Calculatory hour – 12AM. The calculatory hour can be prolonged if necessary.
4. When checking in from 12PM to 6AM, the minimum fee which you are charged is the charge equal to a one day’s visit. In case you wish to stay longer than one day, that is longer than until 12AM, you are required to pay the equal of a half a day’s charge. In case you wish to stay less than 24 hours, you are still charged for the whole day regardless of the calculatory hour, which means that after spending the entire 24 hours at the hostel you are charged from that moment on a half a day’s charge for 12 calculatory hours. Spending only 12 hours you are required to pay the price of a full 24 hours. When you arrive between 8AM and 12AM, which is earlier than the given time, the exact time of your arrival will be considered during invoicing.
5. Always inform the administrator, if your arrival time is after 7PM.
6. Always lock your room. You can leave your key to the receptionist, who is situated in the lobby on the first floor.
7. Don’t leave your valuables in your room, use the safety-deposit box, located at the front desk.
8. Please don’t take towels or any other belongings of the hostel with you when you leave.
9. Only use your own bed and your own sheets.
10. Don’t drink tap water. 


- ROOM BOOKING (free of charge)
- Possibility to use credit cards
- Cafe-bar
- Translation services
- 24h parking lot with surveillance
- Sauna (24 hours)
- Possibility of booking and delivery of plane- and bustickets.
- Possibility for excursions
- Leisure time organizing
- Use of the hostel’s comfortable car:
Transport opportunities:
bus station-hostel-bus station
- City touring
- Business trips in the city
- Possibility to arrange seminars and conferences
- Hiring of a driver (inside the city)
- Opportunity to hire bands or creative groups.

Additional services:

- Extra bed (foldable)
- Safety-deposit box
- depository
- internet surfing
- sending and receiving of telefax
- city maps for tourists
- telephone (international calls)
- restaurant/bar
- sauna
- necessary gear for a picnic – grill – meat rods – bowls etc.
- sheets