Rules & Regulations

Dear guests, we will highly appreciate your collaboration in abiding by these rules and regulations, whose aim is to ensure peaceful and safe stay for our Guests.

1. Our rooms are rented for hotel days.

2. Hotel working hours — 24 hours per day and seven days per week.
But due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, we were forced to adjust work schedule (temporary change):
Monday-Saturday 10:00-19:00
Sunday 12:00-18:00

NB! Please inform the administrator, if your arrival time is after 7 p.m.

3. A hotel day (Check-In) starts at (2:00 p.m., local time) on the day of arrival.

4. A hotel day (Check-Out) ends at (12:00 a.m., local time) of the following day.

On the agreed day of departure, rooms must be vacated and be at the hotel’s disposal by 12noon at the latest. After this time the hotel may charge the day-time room rate up until 4:00 p.m. to compensate it for the additional use of the room and the costs incurred by way of the delayed availability of the room. A charge for the extension until 4:00 p.m. is 10% of the total cost of the room for each extended hour. From 4:00 p.m. hotel may charge 100% of the current full lodging price.

5. The lights-out period starts at 11:00 p.m. and ends at 07:00 a.m. of the following day.

6. The room reservation is guaranteed only by an advance payment, at a minimum for the first day of stay. Payment is made after receipt of a booking confirmation and invoice from the hotel.

7. Payment for accommodation services is carried out according to the approved price list in euros, valid on the day of payment. Form of payment — cash, non-cash payment or payment using bank cards.
Payment for accommodation in cash is made at the time of check-in. Subject to cashless payment, check-in is made after the full payment for the guest’s stay at the time of his arrival (the date of payment shall be the date of receipt of funds on the company’s settlement account).

8. Rooms are cleaned daily. Change of linen is made 1 time in 4 days.

9. In case you have paid for one place (staying in a Standard room – 3 beds) please use only your own bed and your own sheets. Otherwise the guest will be obliged to pay for their use.

10. Unauthorized persons are not allowed in the residential buildings of the hotel.
At the request of the guest, after notifying the hotel receptionist, the hotel administration allows them to visit until 11.00 p.m. The guest is responsible for the actions of the visitors invited to the room. No strangers are allowed in the room after 11:00 p.m. After 11.00 p.m. hours their hotel accommodation must be issued.

11. The hotel may refuse to accept the guests who grossly violated the Hotel Rules and Regulations during the last stay by damaging the hotel’s or guests’ property or by inflicting damage on other guests, hotel employees or other persons staying in the hotel or in other way violated the stay of other guests or the functioning of the hotel.

12. Our guests get served breakfast (4,5-€/person) from 08:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and dinner (4,7-€/person) from 11:30 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. at the cafe-bar, which is located on the first floor.

13. Always lock your room. You can leave your key to the receptionist, who is situated in the lobby on the first floor.

14. We recommend all guests staying at the Hotel not to leave valuables unattended. For the preservation of personal value, reception of the hotel is provided with a safe, which the guest can use (2,-€/per night) .

15. The hotel accepts guests traveling with pets. Only one pet is allowed per room for an extra charge (10,-€/per night) and the guest bears full responsibility for any damage caused by their pet. Pets must be leashed in common areas. Due to hygienic reasons, pets are not allowed in the bar-cafe.

16. The hotel renders services in accordance with its category and standard. Guests are requested to submit any complaints regarding the quality of services at the reception desk as soon as possible, thus allowing for the hotel’s immediate reaction.

17. Conduct of guests and persons using services of the hotel should not disturb the peaceful stay of other guests. The hotel may refuse to render services to a person violating the above rule. Hotel desk manager has the right to call the police.

18. The hotel administrator has the right to refuse registration of accommodation to persons who are allegedly in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication.

19. The hotel guest bears financial liability for damaging or destroying the hotel’s equipment and technical devices due to their fault or due to the fault of their visitors.

20. Room heaters, electric irons and other similar devices which are not a part of the hotel room equipment are not allowed to be used inside the rooms due to the fire safety. Violation of the prohibition is subject to a fine of 50,-€.

21. Smoking in the hotel rooms, corridor, staircase, bar, cloak rooms and reception hall is prohibited.
Violation of the prohibition is subject to a fine of 50,-€. If the guest refuses to pay the fine, the hotel has the right to report the violation to the police, providing information about the citizen.

In case you discover a fire or smoke, immediately activate the nearest fire alarm to alert building occupants, inform the hotel administration – 6 092 770 or call to 112 and remove yourself from immediate danger.

Your action when a fire alarm sounds:
- NEVER assume the fire alarm is a false alarm.
- Confine the fire or smoke by closing (not lock!) doors and windows as you leave.
- Assist others in leaving the immediate danger as long as it is safe to do so.
- Evacuate through the nearest safe exit.
- The location of the nearest assembly point – outside, next to the flagpoles.
- Once outside, help to account for personnel and report to staff or emergency personnel if any occupants are unaccounted for and may still be in the building.

22. Don’t leave your valuables in your room, use the safety-deposit box, located at the front desk – 2,-€/per night.

23. Please do not take towels or any other belongings of the hostel with you when you leave.

24. Please do not drink tap water.

25. Personal belongings left by guests in the hotel room upon leaving do not shall be sent to the address indicated by the guest. If no instructions are left, belongings will be stored by the hotel for 1 month and than will be disposed of in different ways.

26. The hotel is not responsible for the work of urban utilities: emergency shutdown of electric energy, heat energy, water supply and the quality of their services.

27. The “Guestbook” is located at the reception of the hotel and is issued to the guest at his request.

28. A guest, when signing a hotel registration card, agrees on the use of video surveillance systems on the premises of the hotel (with the exception of rooms and toilet cabins).

29. The hotel Administration reserves the right to visit the room without agreement with the guest in the event of smoke, fire, flooding, as well as in case of violation of this Procedure, public order, use of household appliances by the guest.

30. In cases not covered by this procedure, the administration and the guest are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

It is our pleasure to wish you welcome and pleasant stay in our hotel.

Hotel Administration