You are welcome!

We are always willing to invite you to our hostel and in here you will certainly be more than just a guest!

The hostel “EUROPEHOSTEL” is situated in a unique and advantageous location:
• a colorful greenery, 900m from the lake;
• the access roads towards Tallinn are near – 700m from the Tallinn-Narva highway;
• near the Narva highway and Maardu harbour;
• city buses stop right near the hostel which guarantees a fast and comfortable connection to Tallinn;
• Tallinn city centre is only 15 km away.

The hostel offers accomodation with a reasonable price and special benefits, while guaranteeing a comfortable stay. Either visiting the city for leisure or business, it is our hostel where you feel safe and comfortable.

Usually the caring personnel of the hostel is at Your service 24-hours a day. But due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, we were forced to adjust work schedule (temporary change):
Monday-Saturday 10:00-19:00
Sunday 12:00-18:00

Check-in at other times is possible, but please note, that your check-in will be contactless and prior approval with the administrator is required.

You can choose between 50 rooms, which represent accomodation for 150 people.

There are also:
• 3 different saunas to soothe different tastes,
• in addition to that the hostel features separated kitchen, showers
• a cafe/bar,
• a parking lot with surveillance,
• free WiFi,
• meeting room,
• cable television.